Researcher Career Path

  • Public Communication Laboratory codirector - UAB
  • Founder and member of "Feminario Mujer y Cultura de Masas" - UAB

Research lines:

  • Methodology for the press history investigation: hemerographiic diacronic automatic analysis . Test ADSH, to evaluate the amplitude, the diversity and the human sensibility of the informative look, and humanize the information.
  • The androcentric order of academic discourse: restrictions to the historical knowledge of mass culture and the information society.
  • Didactic proposals to the History explanation renewal: other protagonists, other documental sources, other didactic materials: family stories and mass media. 
  • The mass media, records of the collective memory, documental source, didatic material and for develop other explanations.
  • The historical construction of the communication networks: towards a communications history from every place, plural, cooperative and in network, using Internet.
  • Internet, tool for the participation in the construction of the personal and collective knowledge.
  • Local communication, new technologies and participative democracy.
  • Has directed numerous tasks, doctorals thesis and other researches.